One Appointment Crowns

One Appointment Crowns!

with Cerec 3D Technology


In most cases a crown can be started and completed in one appointment. Some cases, normally those involving multiple teeth or requiring the use of gold will still take two appointments.

CEREC Technology is revolutionizing dentistry.
CEREC is a computer-aided design and ceramic restoration system that adds a new level of patient convenience never before available. In a single patient visit, we can design, fabricate, and place an incredibly esthetic and precise fitting ceramic restoration without the need for impressions or temporary crowns.

 CEREC advantages

  • Only One appointment
  • No impressions
  • No temporary crown
  • Amazing esthetics, all CEREC materials are tooth-colored with no metal edges
  • Precision fit 
  • Durable. CEREC restorations are extremely strong, most are fabricated from e.max, the new standard in dental ceramics for durabilty and natural appearance
  • Conservative. The margins of  CEREC e.max crowns are nearly invisible, and so, do not have to extend below the gumline. This conserves more natural tooth structure and promotes healthier gum tissue.

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